Drip 1 Oro

Pendant lamp in ceramic gold

Drip 1 Oro


Glazed ceramic pendant lamps informed by drips of paint. The Drip lamps come in three sizes, which are determined by the length of the stem. They are available in a range of colours. Used as a single unit or grouped together, they are perfect for any space.

Drip 1 Oro

Pendant lamp in ceramic gold

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style Contemporary
Designer Gemma Fabbri
Brand Ex.t
Why on Outlet: Out of production
Product Conditions Defective
Color Gold
Product Materials Glazed ceramic, PVC
Size Ø14x14 cm

2 meters cable in white PVC.

Bulb not included. Recommend bulbs: LED E27 max 5w, energy saving bulb E27 max 9-13w, incandescent light E27 max 40w.

The lamp has irregularities in gold painting.

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in stock

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