Nouveau PS

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Nouveau PS


Nouveau is a collection of washbasins, cabinets and mirrors featuring geometric and sinuous lines, born from a balance of basic and classic shapes such as circles, semi-circles and parallelepipeds, which create a game of volumes in a succession of full and empty spaces. Freely inspired by early twentieth century Art Deco, the collection takes refined suggestions from that era and reworks them with the taste and sensitivity of a contemporary perspective.
Nouveau washbasin is characterised by asymmetrical shapes with bold edges that serve as practical support surfaces. It can be wall mounted or a countertop – supported by a metal structure that elegantly defines its shape.

Nouveau PS

Aufsatzwaschbecken aus LivingTec®
765,60 €
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Lieferzeiten IN STOCK
Waschbecken Aufgesetzt/Wandmontiert
Waschbecken Typ Ohne Loch
Brand/Marke Ex.t
Designer Paola Vella & Ellen Bernhardt
Styl Zeitgenosse, Retrò
Farbe Weiss
Materialien Produkt LivingTec
Größe 54x37xH11,5 cm
Form Besondere Form


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